Have you had bad brow experiences in the past? Need a professional to get your eyebrows back to even? Quick Strip can help! We shape with a  combination of waxing, threading and tweezing to get the most complimenting brow possible. We believe in powerful brows and always lean on the conservative side unless told otherwise! We will help you take your brows from good, to better, to best! 


Eyebrow Tinting is an amazing option that gives you the look of filled in brows without having to fill them in daily. Its every lazy girl and busy mothers dream! Its an all natural vegetable dye that lasts up to three weeks. All hair colors can benefit from Eyebrow Tinting and the application can range from natural to dramatic based on consultation. Works great to bring definition to blonde and grey eyebrows especially. 

Lash Tinting creates vivid lash definition without having to apply mascara. Excellent for summer and all manner of outdoor/water activities. 


Body Waxing

We focus our attention on making sure your body waxing services are sanitary, efficient and thorough. At Quick Strip you can count on 15 minute Brazilians every time you book. With efficient waxing patterns we reduce the time of your appointment and the pain involved taking all the drama out of waxing!

If you suffer from ingrown hairs never fear! We will educate you on all the ways you can treat and prevent them in the future leaving you with beautiful and smooth results overtime. 


Remember skin care starts at home! We can work miracles with skin, but we need your help to make the results last. A solid at home regimen is a must for creating healthy, happy skin.


This lunchtime facial is a quick pick me up that can brighten any day. We are keeping it simple with a gentle cleanse, exfoliation and protection. This basic facial will keep your skin feeling fresh without breaking the bank. Recommended every 6-8 weeks for regular maintenance. 


This is our utilitarian facial. Ideal for anyone dealing with breakouts, black heads or dull skin. This facial brings real results with a deep cleanse, exfoliation scrub, enzyme treatment and extractions, followed up by a cooling mask. Recommended every 4-6 weeks for a clean and clear complexion. 


This facial was designed to calm your spirit and send you into a world of relaxation. We incorporate  essential oils and intensive massage to send you soaring out of this world. We focus on nourishing your skin with layers of hydrating oils and serums, while simultaneously massaging the stress from  your face, shoulders and decollate.  

Lash Extensions

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